Wound care for physicians

Wound Care Specialists work with referring physicians and a specially trained clinical staff to offer a comprehensive treatment plan for chronic wounds. This collaborative effort results in patients receiving dedicated, expert care to ensure their wounds heal rapidly and completely so patients can return to a healthier, wound-free life.

Wound Care Specialists has developed a successful physician-centric clinical approach to wound healing that emphasizes comprehensive coordinated care. Our physicians are committed to the treatment and prevention of chronic wounds and dedicate one to two days a week to the WCS clinic. Physicians come from a wide background of best care practices including, but not limited to, Internal Medicine, Emergency Room Medicine, Family Practice, Podiatry and Surgery.

Wound Care Specialists promotes and encourages board certification through the American Board of Wound Management. For more information please go to

8 million people suffer from chronic wounds, and that number is quickly growing due to an aging population and an increase in diabetes and cardiovascular disease.